You can now get rid of your laundry pile and you value carpet with one call

Dobi Sinar Mentari will arrive at your door step to get it clean!

About Us

Since 2009, we have been in business in Selayang, Batu Cave. We are officially registered with the Ministry of Finance, we are self-sustaining, and we are getting stronger. We are a provider of Laundry and Carpet Specialist Services to the residents of the surrounding region.

With the foregoing in mind, our firm offered industrial cleaning services such as uniform washing, mosque cleaning, and caterer cleaning. We are your greatest option for performing duties without hesitation or remorse, thanks to our complete cleaning services.

We are a one-stop household cleaning service that offers laundry, ironing, and folding services, as well as carpet and pillow cleaning. With the services we offer, we can preserve your cushion, carpet, clothing, and even your most prized bedding in excellent condition and looking brand new.

Carpets & Pillows Cleaning

Garment & clothes Ironing

Wet Washing

Dry Cleaning

Contact us for your laundry needs. We'll pick it up and deliver it back to you clean.

We specialise in Wet Cleaning/Dry Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning and we are experts in recognising the fabric and determining the most effective cleaning procedure for it.

Why Us?

Clean, Fresh & Ready to Wear

Your cloth/pillow/mattress/carpet will be sent to you clean, fresh, and ready to use.

Returned Folded

We will fold all of your clothing before returning them to you.

Fabric Expert

We will make certain that the procedure utilised to clean your fabric is the most effective.

Swift Delivery

Your cleaned fabric will be delivered to your home in a timely manner.

How it works

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Your feedback and suggestions are very valuable in assisting our efforts to continually provide the best quality products as possible. We would appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete and return this survey to our dobibest office. Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we need your help in order to obtain it. Thank you.

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